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Faith- Believing the invisible

Topic: Faith

Text: Hebrews 11:1-6

Theme: some mysteries of Faith

Title: Believing the invisible

# The book of Hebrew is a general Epistle, it expounds one of the most powerful subjects in Christianity “Faith”. # Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. It’s the foundation stone of Christianity. # Hebrew goes ahead to uncover some mysteries about faith. By mysteries we mean to say, facts that beat human reasoning and goes beyond human explanation. Mysteries cannot be proven but their facts are undeniable.

1. Faith is a device that brings out invisible things to visible realities (vs 1&3) . It’s a medium through which spiritual things are transformed to physical manifestations. It can turn declarations to actions. It can turn prophecies to fulfillment. It can cause prayers to become positive results.

2. Faith is the reason why The saints of the Bible obtained a good report (Vs 2). Everyone that did something wonderful in the Bible could only do it by faith. Faith is the only enablement, the saints of the Old had to use to make the history we talk and preach on today. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Enoch and just to name a few, could only do what they did because of Faith.

3. Without Faith it’s impossible to please God (vs 6). The only way we can do the will of God, make Him happy and bring glory to His name is only by faith. No Christian can truly and faithfully serve God without Faith.

* Prayer points*

1. Oh lord Increase my faith
2. Help me lord to focus and believe more on the things I don’t see than the ones I see.
3. Lord I refuse to be so carnal and too physically minded.
4. Lord help me from any spirit of doubt and fear. I refuse to be a doubting Thomas.
5. Lord help me to manifest faith so that I can also obtain a good report.
6. Lord I want to please you, through my faith, so lord, revive and restore my faith.
7. Lord enable me to work more by faith and not by sight.

God bless you


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