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Obedience is far better than sacrifice.

Topic: When God Rejects a Man.

Text: 1 Samuel 15:1-23

Theme: Somethings that triggers God to reject a man.

Title: Obedience is far better than sacrifice.

# we are considering the book of 1 Samuel today, it’s one of the Historical books of the Old Testament that contains the History of Israel when they became a kingdom. This book gives the account of their first king and later on other Kings that ruled Israel. This book contains their major victories and how with the help of the lord, the could counter any enemy that stood against them.

# In the chapter we just read, is the story of one of their Kings God ordained in power and how he hurt God until He was rejected. His rejection was evidence by many errors he committed that breaked the heart of God and gave God no choice to show Him Mercy. His rejection has been a lesson we should learn from in other not to be in the same situation.

# the story line says Saul the son of kush was the 1st king over Isreal for about 40 years. He was rejected by God immediately after His first 2 years mandate. The rest 38 years, he was ruling alone. The cause of this rejection was the way he handled the instructions of God that were given to him concerning God’s revenge on the Amalekites. The Amalekites attacked the Israelites some time past when they were on their way to the promise land. King Aggag headed the attack that killed women and innocent children. God had planned their revenge and was willing to execute it when Israel will be well fortified for that. At this time, Isreal had become nation with a strong army and had a true prophet, so God thought it necessary that it’s time for the revenge so that the Word of God will come to pass exactly as He promised. But Saul did not follow God’s instructions in the attack and on trying to cover his steps, he made more mistakes and God rejected Him. Let’s explore the causes of this rejection.

1. Disobedience vs 8. The instructions was that they should killed everything living in Amalek but he disobeyed. Disobedience is what brought sin in the world and it can cause God to reject you. People think they disobey only when they do what God says they shouldn’t do, but they don’t know that it also applies to you when you don’t do what God says you should do.

2. Sparing what you are suppose to destroy vs 9. Each time you spare and pamper something you are suppose to exposed and destroy, you are provoking God to reject you. When u hide and keep those nasty dirty secrets, under ground works of iniquity and bad habits, you asked God to reject you.

3. Greed vs 9 b . The love for material things, fat calves and nice things in Amalek , caused the rejection of Saul. When you are to greedy and egocentric, you will be rejected by God.

4. Pretending vs 13. When God sent His prophet Samuel to warn Saul, just as he was approaching, Saul started pretending with Holy words in the name of the lord. This angered God and his prophet so much that caused God to reject him. Trying to pretend, chameleonize and coverup will only provoke Gods rejection on you.

5. Trying to Justify vs 15-21. Saul was trying to justify his wrongdoings before God and His prophets claiming he was right and God was wrong, he gave nice reasons to back his points and painted the picture very well and nice. He proceeded in a serious argument with God’s prophet and the end result was a complete rejection. Each time we argue with God for our wrong doings and try to give explanations and reasons for our actions, we give God no choice but to reject us.

God’s verdict on this was a statement of declaration that says “ Rebellion is like a sin of witchcraft and obedience is better than sacrifice”. Saul was rejected as king, and no matter how hard he tried to beg God, God never listened to him again. Samuel cleaned Saul’s mess by Killy Aggag and destroying the Fat calves at Gilga.

Prayer points

1. For today, you will spend time repenting before God for every sin of rebellion or disobedience.

2. You will ask God to take out every thing in your life you have been trying to spare, hide, or cover. Tell God to expose it and to keep it away from you.

3. Ask God Today for a broken heart, a heart of flesh, that you will not justify or pretend on any wrong or iniquity you have committed.

4. Ask God for the grace to obey Him in all situations.

5. Ask God to look down on you today with eyes of Grace through the blood of Jesus and accept you back, and restore you totally again.

_ God bless you_


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