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Attracting your own miracle

Posted on 01 Dec 2018

Attracting your own miracle


Text: Matthew 15:21-28           

Theme: How to Attract your own miracle

Title: I can get it if I want!


# We are living in a world with many troubles, mankind spends her entire life time looking for solution to her troubles, they have been able to get solution from some problems while there seems to be some that looks like there is no solution. This brings back creation to a place of faith and believe in God to help them handle the impossible situations they got. All over the world, there is this believe for a miracle, some want miracles in their health, financial life, academics, homes and marriages, social and emotional struggles, physical and spiritual battles, destiny recoveries and a lot more. The need for a Miracle cannot more be over emphasized. Miracles exist and are possible but the problem is to attract them to your own situation and problem. Genuine miracles come from just one source and that source is our lord God in Heaven.


# A miracle is an unusual happening that is caused by a divine agent or a deity. When this happens, it’s beyond natural comprehension and leaves people marvel, wonder, surprised and amazed. The evidence of a miracle is never depicted. In lay terms, when a blind man receives his sight, lames work, cancerous and viral diseases healed, demonic possessions delivered and the dead raised to live by the power of God then we call it a miracle. Any happening that beats human imagination and methodology is call a miracle.


# Miracles bring relief, miracles bring joy, miracles can change your state within a twinkle of an eye. Miracles can turn your story around, miracles can change your condition overnight. Miracles can solve problems in a second that have existed for decades. Miracles increases our faith and gives us the assurances that God is still in our midst and he still has concern for us.

# we just read from the book of Matthew being the first book of the New Testament and one of the books of the four gospel or synoptic writings but not the first of the Gospels because Mark is the first. Matthew was a tax collector who later became a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and was instrumental in giving us an account of Jesus ministry life on earth. Here in this chapter, he is accounting to us the story of a Canaanite woman who needed a miracle, but was not qualified to get one , then she did some things that attracted one for her and she got what she wanted. What did she do?


  1. If you must attract a miracle, you must learn to always cry a cry of Mercy to Jesus (verse 22). This woman was a Canaanite woman who was set to be an out cast, unclean and was a gentile. Jesus actually never came for them. But with a cry of mercy, she got the attention of Jesus and her miracle. Most of us approach the presence of God like saints, we will hardly attract a miracle. Every person that attracted a miracle in the Bible, cried a cry of mercy. A cry of mercy is a prayer of repentance and confession to God.


  1. If you must attract your miracle, You must bend down and worship God (verse 25).The lord was advised by His disciples to despise and reject this woman, but she knelt down and worship Him. The secret of attracting your miracle is in your worship life. Show me a man that encounters miracles and I will show you a worshiper. The secret of what you are looking for is on your knees. God can never forget or bypass a worshiper.


  1. If you must attract your miracle, you must manifest great faith (verse 28).Great faith is when you believe in a God you have not seen before. Great faith is when you worship and believe in a God that does not know you and will not want to listen to you, even though you worship Him, He still calls you a dog and yet you believe in Him the more. Great faith is believing God in good times and bad times. Great faith is still trusting and relaying on God even when He has refused to answer you or He is delaying to answer you. Great faith is the ability to recognize that you are a sinner and cry out to God for Mercy. Great faith is the ability to close your ears from peoples discouraging and humiliating words and still focus on Jesus. Great faith is believing that no matter what, you are not leaving the presence of God without your Miracle. Faith is the only medium through which divine miracles are turn to physical manifestations and happenings. Your faith is your miracle. Show me a man with faith and I will show you a man with miracles.



Prayer points


  1. Pray a prayer of mercy before God concerning your own life. For if we say we have not sin, we make our selves liars and the truth is not in us.


  1. Spent at least an hour in worship today. Forget about your problems and project his name in worship.


  1. Ask God to give you great faith.



God bless you