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Lord Remember Me

Posted on 01 Jun 2018, Pastor: Pastor Ivo Nsoh

Topic: Lord Remember Me

Text: Genesis 40: 1-28 & 41:1-41

Theme: Reason why the lord should Remember me.

Title: where are my sent helpers???

# we are at the mid of the year, most of us have not yet received the fulfillment’s of our prophecies this year. Things are not yet going, our problems are still stalk piled and the burden is increasing on us daily. Our movement and progress is suffering from friction, my prayer for today is Ohhhh Lord Remember me.

# we just read from the book of Genesis about the live of a man Joseph, who had a destiny to accomplish, a dream to become a reality and a prophecy to be fulfilled. His life was going antagonistically to his dreams as visions. He was living but the opposite of His life. At this time, he has been neglected by his family, sold and betrayed by his own brothers, accused by his own mistress that he served faithfully and was sentenced to jail. His prison term was not to be for this long, but the enemy decided that he should be abandoned there and forgotten completely, so that he will not fulfill destiny.

# In prison his ministry had been a blessing to all the prisoners to the extent in which he raised political leaders in great positions as they left the prison. His ministry rescued the innocent in prison and brought justice to the guilty, but his own life was still stagnant. One of his Christian was exonerated from prison to serve the king again in the presidency, Joseph became so happy and pleaded with this chief cup bearer that he should not forget him but help him out. The chief cup bearer did not remember him, this time around Joseph prayed a prayer of Remembrance that provoked the heavens and there was a situation created for his remembrance and his release. Let’s see reasons why God should remember us.

1. The lord should remember me because am still in some prisons (40:1-16). The world is full of prisons , spiritual and physical prisons, that’s where many family destinies are being detained. To mention some of this prisons are: prison of poverty, late marriage, stagnation, sickness, delays, disappointment and disgrace, spiritual decadence, emotional instability and psychological truama, ooooooooh lord remember me. In this month am coming out of every prison.

2. The lord should a Remember me because the person who was to remember me has forgotten about me (40:17-23). We are living in the world that until somebody shows up, you don’t go up. Some of this people that must show up, have forgotten about you, they don’t pick your calls, they don’t reply your mails and messages, they pretend not to know you again, this is the reason why the lord should remember me. The chief cup bearer never remembered Joseph until the Lord remembered him again. Any sent helper that has forgotten about you will remember you this month.

3. The reason why God should remember me is that I am not yet where I am supposed to be (41:1-41). Joseph was supposed to be second in command in Egypt, a position of leadership, honor and greatness but he was instead in prison, which was against his prophecy and destiny, so the Lord had to remember Joseph. Heaven cannot be at peace when my life is still like this, when my marriage, job, family, future and destiny is still like this, oh lord show up and remember me. Father you cannot leave me like this.

Prayer points

1 Oh God Show up and Remember me

2. Take me out of any prison of limitation and stagnation.

3. Arrests my destiny helpers and sent them my way. Let them not rest till you have use them to help me. The ones to help my business, documents, ministry, destiny and family, let them show up in this month in Jesus Name.

4. Lord take me to the place of my destiny fulfillment. Remove me from the prison to the palace, from the ground to the throne and from nothing to something.

5. Father create a problem that will announce me in this season.

6. Used me prophetically in this season. Let your power of revelation locate me in this month by fire.

This month is your month of release and remembrance.

God bless You.