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The benefits of Abiding in the Lord.

Topic: Abiding in the Lord

Text: John 15:1-8

Theme: The benefits of Abiding in the Lord.
Title: No vine, dry branches.

# We just read from the book of Apostle John the brother of James and the son of zebedee. He was among the electi-electorate of Jesus Christ. He was one of the inner circle members of Christ. He approaches this synoptic writing from a theological perspective.
# John writes from a spiritual point of view bringing out the Rhema from the words and teachings of Jesus. In the chapter we just read, John is recounting the teaching of Jesus when He taught on Him being the vine and we are the branches and His father in heaven being the gardener. He uses this illustration to stress the need of us Abiding in Him so that we can be successful. He further stress the benefits of us Abiding in Him.
# Jesus puts Himself here as the word of God which is God, His desire is that we abide in the word which has its roots rooted in the fountain, and the vine is the connecting point from the roots. The more we anchor on the vine, we are connected to the roots also known as the source. When we get disconnected, we stop tapping from the source , then our spiritual lives shrinks and drys off, then God in Heaven will plug us out and burnt us in the fire, speaking of Judgement and condemnation. But these are the benefits that follows those who abide in the vine which is the Lord:

1. If you abide in the lord, you will always be fruitful vs 1-5. To be fruitful is not only bearing fruits but bearing bountifully in season and out of season.

2. You will never suffer dryness vs 6. One of the ways to overcome spiritual and physical dryness is to abide in the lord. Show me a man who is rooted in the word, I will show you a man that is spiritually fresh and productive.

3. If you abide in the lord, ask whatsoever you wish and it will be done for you vs 7. The reason why. Many prayer request and supplications are not answered is because the people that lay this request are disconnected from the vine. But when you abide, whatsoever ever are ur supplications and prayer request will be granted. Abiding in the lord brings answered prayers. Show me a man that will pray and God will hear his prayers, I will show you a man that is in right standing with the Lord, rooted and anchored on Him.

To abide in the lord literary means to remain in the lord and have the lord remain too in you.

Prayer Points

1. Ask God for forgiveness for not always being connected to Him.

2. Ask God for the grace to remain in Him.

3. Pray that the lord should come into you and remain in you. Rev 3:20.

4. Ask God for fruitfulness

5. Tell God to deliver you from any form of spiritual dryness.

6. Lay your request to God Today in faith and expect God for an answer.

God Bless You


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